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Happy August ☀️

It's August! What a beautiful month, and a transitional time too. Personally, this is often a time of preparation for me, since I'm in school and have been for many years. It's a time to rest and soak up the sun, summer nights, and just enjoy the quiet and peaceful moments that can be created. August is the 8th month of the year, and 8 represents balance and harmony in numerology. "As above, so below."

The collective's card for this month is the Ten of Pentacles- a wonderful card that indicates prosperity and abundance within your life and your community's lives. Considering that 8 is our number this month, it's important to consider how we will respond to the polarity and struggles that may present themselves in August. With the Ten of Pentacles, there is clearly an opportunity for joy and satisfaction. But how can we find this even in discomfort? How can the give-and-take between you and others be balanced out during this month? Do you need to give more? Receive more? Re-work boundaries? How can we consider other's happiness and prosperity in tandem with our own? Peace will be all the more amazing when you can find harmony within.

I'm sending you lots of love! Soak up the sun and beautiful energy!

What does August mean to you?

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