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Shadow Work Reading

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Shadow work is a special type of Tarot in which we look into your subconscious energy and how it's affecting you. This is particularly useful for obtaining awareness of how you may be affected by old or recent subconscious energies, in addition to guidance about how to release and heal from them. Together we can uncover the beauty within your subconscious mind. Please note: our shadow selves are not inherently "good" or "bad," though we often feel ashamed or repulsed towards the hidden or repressed parts of ourselves. Lessons lie within our subconscious. We are simply tapping into the guidance that these attributes can give us, rather than trying to deny, avoid, or "get rid of" our shadow selves. By shedding light on our shadow, we can acknowledge and nurture these parts of ourselves and evolve from this newfound awareness. Note: Please read FAQs before booking!

Contact Details

United States

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